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VPNSecure Review for Your Privacy in 2020

VPNSecure is a VPN provider from Australia. It’s offered the services for a decade now and has very good coverage. The list includes 41 countries with 53 servers. Let’s take a quick look at the major aspects of the service as well as useful details you’d better learn about it.

What is VPNSecure best for?

The provider works great with different streaming services. Now you can unblock Netflix, Hulu, etc. It’s a great solution if you want to watch movies from Netflix Italy but live in a different region.

Aside from that, VPNSecure is often used for torrenting and downloading. It works with different torrent clients to help users enjoy these activities.

Finally, the provider is known to deliver great security and privacy. With the help of the popular encryption protocols, the tool will protect your personal information. It also uses 128- and 256-bit encryption for complete anonymity.

What operating systems does VPNSecure work on?

The developer made sure the services could be delivered in all kinds of devices. That’s why you can easily find the version for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux-running devices. Also, the software supports routers.

What are the main advantages of choosing VPNSecure?

The company offers quite a lot to every user. The top 5 advantages include:

  • 2-day trial period and 15-day money-back guarantee. It’s enough time to try the software with all the features and decide if it is the solution you want.
  • Excellent privacy and zero-log policy to verify you are protected and anonymous when browsing the Internet.
  • One license can cover an unlimited number of devices as long as you connect them to different servers. It’s a convenient option that will cover all your household devices including smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • There is a kill switch, P2P feature, and self-managed servers.
  • Pick from a huge selection of plans and payment options.

What are the disadvantages of using VPNSecure?

Unfortunately, there are some aspects that either need improvement or cause suspicion. They are:

  • The company is based in Australia. It’s a member of the Five Eyes surveillance club.
  • Some servers are very slow making it impossible to stream HD movies or download big-sized files.
  • There’s no in-app server status that can be confusing for users who have lots of experience with other VPN providers.
  • It can’t unblock Netflix US. If this is a crucial criterion for you, look for another solution.

The verdict

All in all, VPNSecure is a very simple and reliable VPN provider that has strict zero-log policy and tons of security features. It’s a great balance of simplicity that will please the beginners and a set of customization settings for advanced users. It has great customer support that will answer all your questions and help you with occurring issues (if any). The only major downside is the lack of possibility to unblock Netflix US. However, if you aren’t looking for this feature, you won’t be disappointed.