Virtual data room: the proper technology for M&A process

Mergers and acquisitions are a complex and lengthy process. Thus, the implementation of a virtual data room as a secure collaborative environment and data repository is standard practice nowadays. Here is more about it.

M&A transactions: what is the place of a data room?

Acquisition, sale, and merger of enterprises (M&A transactions) are important elements of business management. Mergers and acquisitions allow enterprises to solve many strategic development tasks: concentration of production, expansion of the geography of activities, strengthening of market positions, transition to new, more promising industries, access to advanced technologies.

M&A management activity is based on data processing and preparation of output information, which presupposes the existence of technology for converting initial data in the formation of effective information. The development of computer technologies has not only changed the nature of the work of many people, but industrial relations have also become fundamentally qualitatively different, qualification requirements have increased, the range of tasks to be solved and the opportunities realized by employees have expanded. One such technology is a virtual data room, that serves as a secure basis for running business transactions.

What are the data room benefits?

According to, virtual data room has the following advantages for businesses:

  • Easy installation

One of the main reasons why businesses hesitate to try a data room system is the fear that the installation and onboarding process will be too complicated. Fortunately, with a cloud-based data room system, installation is not a problem. You do not need any additional equipment or setting up your server. This means that there is no need to involve an IT team to install a new system because the software provider takes care of everything remotely. If you have access to the Internet, you can start working with a cloud-based data room system with one click.

  • Unhindered access from anywhere

Most data rooms are even mobile-friendly and make it easy to get the information you need about your contacts on the go. All you need is an internet connection and login information. Since the data is stored in the cloud, information about your customers is available around the clock, and not just at the company’s office. A cloud-based data room also saves when working remotely. You can quickly find a client or get the information you need for an important call, no matter where you are.

  • Saving money

An absolute advantage for both small companies that cannot afford large expenses for a data room, and for large corporations that can reduce costs due to a cloud-based system. Most software vendors offer a variety of subscriptions that provide a specific set of functionality. Subscription prices will vary depending on what you need.

  • Data backup

Data rooms come with a built-in safety net for your data. Typically, without a cloud backup platform, you need tons of resources and storage space, which can quickly add to your costs. On the other hand, such systems provide a quick and easy way to recover valuable customer data in the event of a system crash or power outage. The advanced security of the virtual data room protects customer data, and therefore your business.

  • Security

The software makes full daily automated database backups. All backups are encrypted. The exchange of data between different participants in the private data room is regulated in such a way that the data transfer can also only take place in authorized channels, i.e. no data copies using screenshots or copying and transfer using a clipboard are possible.