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Students’ Choice: Information Technology VS Computer Technology

If you are interested in computers and software but you hesitate about choosing a career path, you should learn about Information and Technology and Computer Technology first. While they seem to be the same thing, they are slightly different. Once you get this, it’ll be much easier to make the choice. Let’s find out what is what and decide which one is a better career choice nowadays.

What’s the main difference between IT and CT?

When you simplify the terms and get to the bottom of things, you’ll see that Information Technology involved installing and maintaining computer systems. It also concerns designing and operating databases, networks, etc. Computer Technology, on the other hand, is focused on programming computers using mathematical algorithms. CS works on efficient developments of applications, while IT tries to figure out how to use those apps for business.

There is no need to have a degree in Computer Science to work in IT. However, it is sure to open more doors. IT specialists usually find themselves working in the business environment. Computer scientists have a wider range of environments to pick from. They can work in business, universities, video game design companies, etc.

Computer Science implies studying Math, Electronics, Physics, Programming, and other engineering subjects in detail. IT deals with networking, telecommunications, database design, programming fundamentals, Math, MIS, etc. As you see, they deal with totally different aspects and subjects to become specialists in different fields.

Which is a better career choice?

To make a better career choice, it’s better to give an honest answer to 2 questions:

  • What do you want to do?
  • What are you good at?

There is no point in choosing a specialty you don’t like or understand. There is potential in both industries. If you are a good specialist, you won’t have any difficulties finding a job regardless of the choice you make. Both IT and SC specialists are in high demand.

What is easier: IT or CS?

While lots of people believe that Information Technology is easier than Computer Science, they are wrong. It’s a false belief since both majors cover lots of aspects and information.

The whole concept of easy and difficult is very relative here. They are just different. Depending on what a person knows better, he treats the less known as difficult.

Finally, it also depends on how interested a person is in a certain industry. Curiosity makes it easier to learn and discover as it fuels the person. It’s up to you to decide whether Information Technology or Computer Science interests you more.


All in all, choosing between IT and CS, you should take into account your preferences and skills. Both areas are great. While Computer Science is a wider area and Information Technology has a narrower direction, both are interesting. Some people opt more for CS as it frequently offers higher-paid jobs. The statistics show that at the end of 2019, both CS and IT were equally popular searches in Google.