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NTC Hosting: Great Variant of Hosting for Demandable User

Choosing the right hosting for the website is an important issue for any webmaster. Of course, recently there have been alternatives in the form of website builders, but to create modern dynamic, visitor-oriented web projects, their capabilities are not enough due to the restriction on connecting scripts and the lack of support for PHP as the most popular programming language for web development.

Starting to select hosting for his project, the user can face an abundance of terms, technical characteristics, tariff plans, and features of various platforms. If you choose according to rational criteria, then first you need to answer the question: how much should you pay for hosting, and should you pay at all?

By choosing virtual hosting, the user will work on the provider’s account. The convenience of a personal account is an important factor when choosing a hosting.

What else to look for when choosing a hosting:

  • The provider’s website design is not nearly as important as the convenience and functionality of a personal account. It is worth to check that all sections of the personal account and the hosting control panel work well both from a desktop computer and from a mobile device since urgent hosting-related operations can catch the user on the road;
  • You should carefully study the user agreement of the hosting provider’s services to find out exactly what obligations the hosting undertakes in this or that case, what rules must be followed by the client and what restrictions exist for specific services;
  • It will be useful to read reviews about the hosting provider, to clarify how long it has been on the market, what is its customer base. Good providers monitor their communication channels, and you can assess the connectivity of the provider’s network with the global Internet, as well as fault tolerance, in the event of a drop in one of the communication channels. Feedback from real consumers and discussions of real cases of technical problems with hosting gives a much more complete picture than marketing moves;
  • If a provider asks for copies of documents during registration, then this is normal and even useful, for example, in case of problems with an account, if network intruders try to take over it. This is a prerequisite for registering domain names.

NTC hosting features

NTC Hosting offers for its users two options: Applications Hosting and Cloud Hosting.

NTC offers a framework installer and more than 100 templates from the website builder. The user can easily install ten PHP frameworks. It should be noted down that this provider is not that one that gives widely-used control panels. Still, there is a special control panel that is rather easy to be used. It’s custom-made and oriented on the demandable user.

Special attention should be paid to NTC backup offerings. The user has a possibility to decide to choose this or another variant with a 30-day free trial. As for the payment, it can be done on a monthly or annual basis. Annual commitment is not needed.