Norton vs Avast: Side-by-side Antivirus Comparison

Norton vs Avast: Side-by-side Antivirus Comparison

Today, the Internet is more and more like a vast zoo, which is home to not only useful and good terabytes of information but also to very angry samples of malicious content. Viruses, phishing programs, spyware, etc. are present here. Going to the World Wide Web without protection, that is, an anti-virus installed on your computer, is a very unaffordable luxury and even madness nowadays.

These days, the antivirus market is replete with all sorts of offers. So we decided to conduct a comparative analysis of the paid and free versions of Norton Internet Security 2012 and Avast Free Antivirus 7.0.

Norton Internet Security Description

We will start our Avast vs Norton article with Norton. Speaking of a product whose name contains the words “Internet Security”, of course, we would like to believe that it is extremely safe. And when you allow you to withdraw about $ 30 from your credit card (this antivirus package is distributed on a paid basis), you expect exactly the result. So, what does the user get in return?

According to the developers, Norton Internet Security 2012 is equipped with even better protection than its predecessor series. Now every download of a file from the Internet is accompanied by a check for harmful infections. In addition to the huge virus database, NIS 2012 provides many other ways to recognize attacks on your system.

If you work with important information on your computer (everyone has it), there is a certain chance that you will be noticed and attacked by hackers. Norton is designed to protect your emails and received messages in messages from all types and generations of viruses, infected attachments, and other network threats. With Norton Internet Security 2012, you can safely browse banking and online shopping websites.

Security with Avast Free Antivirus

The Avast antivirus security subsystem includes the following components:

Filesystem Screen

The File System Shield actively protects your computer against malware, including when using webmail.

Behavior Screen

This module checks programs running on the computer for suspicious activity in real-time. The Behavior Shield protects against ransomware and ransomware, as it can discover new malware samples by examining the program code. After analysis and if it is confirmed that the program being launched is a virus, Avast blocks it and does not start.

Mail Screen

This component will be useful for users who are used to working with mail through mail clients, such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. It will scan all incoming and outgoing emails for threats.

Secure Line VPN

Additional paid component for all versions. The Secure Line VPN capabilities allow you to create a private virtual network, which is a tunnel to the Internet for the user. Such a tunnel provides encryption of all transmitted information and protection of the connection in the case of using public Wi-Fi networks.