Is Avast Worth Paying for 2020?

Is Avast Worth Paying for 2020?

Avast is a popular antivirus company that offers services to both businesses and private individuals. In case you consider getting it and wonder is Avast worth paying for 2020, this review is for you. Let’s go over some peculiarities the software offers to decide how effective and reliable Avast is.

Before we begin, it’s important to understand that the company offers free and paid options. Premium plans bring more features and tools. However, both of them rely on the same anti-malware engines.

The highlights of the software

Avast has a huge share of the industry. It stands out with the Free Edition for individual users but offers abundant software with premium plans for individuals and businesses. One of the advantages that often becomes a decision-making factor is the simplicity of the software. Average users are sure to notice that original settings are enough to preserve the device’s security. Advanced users will also see plenty of flexibility.

The company sells software that is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Android. While the mobile app is more limited in features, desktop versions bring more tools.

Avast regularly releases updates to maintain its effectiveness and secure users’ devices from all sorts of malware, viruses, and so on. Independent testing labs verified the engines detect and stop almost all threats with fewer false positives than some other developers. They also point out that the program has good URL filters.

Features one can get when purchasing Avast software

One of the latest additions to this software is Passive Mode. It’s a rare feature that allows using another antivirus program simultaneously. The main idea is that a user can install another antivirus software without causing conflicts.

The program comes with other models like Do Not Disturb Mode, Game Mode, etc. They temporarily block notifications and other activities to let a user have a better experience when watching movies, playing video games, working on important things without distractions.

Depending on the purchased bundle, users may also get a VPN. The Virtual Private Network adds anonymity and an extra layer of security for online browsing. However, this technology brings other advantages, too.

Finally, the bundles come with extra tools like a safe browser, a password manager, a personal firewall, optimization features, etc.

Is Avast worth buying?

To find an answer to this question, one must think of the reasons to buy the program. It’s reasonable to purchase the software because:

  • Avast scored high during the independent tests proving the quality of its services;
  • The app for smartphones comes with protection and optimization tools;
  • It’s a great choice for users who already use other Avast products;
  • The software is lightweight. It won’t take much space or resources.

There are some facts that add to the opposite choice. For instance, if you need to cover all your household devices, the plans get more expensive than offers from competitors.

In case you don’t feel like buying Avast antivirus, it’s possible to get Free Edition. While it’s limited in extras, the program still has the same anti-malware engines and secures the same results.