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An Overview of Brimstone Key in OSRS

Old School RuneScape players often come across interesting items in the game. Today, we’ll take a closer look at one of those. Let’s learn everything about the brimstone key. We’ll discuss its appearance, features, possibilities, and value in this detailed overview below.

A general description of the item

A brimstone key is an item that players receive for killing monsters. You’ll get this opportunity when fulfilling the Slayer task. As soon as you kill a monster, you’ll have the possibility to receive such a key. Mind that it’s only possible in the Combat Level. The more monsters you kill, the higher chances are to get a key or even several of them.

The key doesn’t stand out much by its appearance. However, it has a distinctive shape. It looks like an average gray key with a symbol on top. The symbol means Yin and Yang. It represents the balance and also refers to the Kahlith and the Tasakaal. In this game, the symbol also implies the balance between life and death.

Things you can do with the brimstone key

Players may use the brimstone key OSRS to open the brimstone chest. Seems logical enough. In general, the chest could be worth about 80 000. On the other hand, it can turn into two coins for the killer, too. Players can store the key or open the chest and discover what’s in it. The content is different and varies from a pile of coins, banknotes, rubies, vials with potions, etc.

Remember that the key cannot be traded. It can neither be equipped nor received during a quest. On the other hand, the brimstone key can be stacked. Later, players may use it to open the Konar’s chest at the top of the Mount Karuulm.

Use these tips to get the best possible gaming experience. Keep in mind that the key cannot be used for alchemical purposes or other types of chests.

Recently introduced novelties

Since 2019, the developers have added the feature that counts the number of times players have opened the brimstone chest. Besides, the item got extra attention in 2020. That was the time when the bug interfered and decreased the possibility of getting the brimstone key a lot. Thankfully, the developers have efficiently resolved the situation and fixed the algorithm.

Final thoughts

The popularity of the OSRS has made players more curious about the game. Now everyone wants to know about the collectible items, rewards, and other possibilities this game brings. One of them is a brimstone key. The item doesn’t bring too much value or some unique rewards. However, whenever you use the key to open a brimstone chest, you have an opportunity to score high and be rewarded with lots of valuables.

Since now you know how to get the key and what it’s used for, you can get down to the business. Go kill monsters in the Combat level for a chance to receive the key. Enjoy the game and try using every opportunity it offers.